Huzzah! I can’t believe the date is finally here, ya’ll!

Raising Elle gets released next Tuesday (May 2nd) and I’ll be signing books, answering questions and doing a short reading at OLD FIREHOUSE BOOKS in Fort Collins, CO at 6pm that night. Parking is a little tricky in Old Town so plan accordingly (that’s more a reminder for myself than for any of you. Introverts with anxiety like to know about parking ahead of time). Raising Elle is the first book in my new series, and if I might say, it’s probably the darker of the three, but the characters are beautiful and their story is heart-full.

Here’s a little blurb:

Elle Sullivan comes back to her hometown, Sweet Valley, Wyoming, bruised to hell and hiding a big secret.

Determined to start her life over, she embarks on a journey to take back her power and help her family save their small horse ranch. But running into her old high school sweetheart, Blake O’Connor, reminds her that no road to success is easy. Raising Elle is a journey through hardships and forgiveness, and all the ways love heals even the deepest wounds.

Here’s a fancy graphic:

It would mean the world if you could make it and help me celebrate. If you can’t, however, please know that the book is available for purchase via 5 Prince Publishing and Amazon. Thank you all for your support and I hope that I get to see you next week.