VerseDay 8-2-18 (postponed)

So…yesterday was a bit of a beast. I won’t bore you with the gory details but suffice to say I rarely had a chance to sit still, let alone conjure up a worthy poem. So here you are. I’m not sure it’s worthy, but it’s something.


rocky cliffRelentless

It was the journey that killed her

It was the relentless pounding of feet and fury

It was the constant buzzing

Deep in her brain, that she couldn’t escape


The sound of her own heart

Garish in ears,

Metal hammer clamoring against anvil ribs


It was the uncertainty

The wobble of unknowing

That finally knocked her off


She wanted.

That’s why she fell.


What she could not have

What she could not give

What she was not worth

What she failed to do

All eager hands at her back on perilous edge


It was the pressure

The lid on the pot too tightly sealed

That finally did her in.




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