VerseDay: Stardate June 28

Today is Verseday!

I’m still accepting submissions to be posted and considered for the anthology due out Fall of 2019, so send me your good stuff, your hard stuff…your beautiful stuff.

Here’s your verse of the day. Enjoy!

Stupid Heart

Beacon in the night, the safety of arms I know around me.

You are the dark expanse to my nebulous cloud.

What primordial gene, residual trait,

Makes my heart blindly ache?

Succumb so wholly to the stardust swirling

Catching me in its current.

This animal heart roams ever closer to yours.

I love you in gnashing ways, unbreakable


A worsening disease; malignant and wild,

You are the celestial mess embedded in me.

The something deep in cells and will not be ignored.

I want to climb you like an oak and shake your leaves,

Nest in your branches. Feel the wind whipping ’round,

While I hover in your safety.

I want to touch my thoughts to yours

Have you understand how you upend me.

The ways you break me. The need filling its home where the lowest point is.

Where it’s meant to be.

Like water in a gully.

My heart, a nightingale, shooting across the darkening dawn,

Pounding breast with no purpose but to take to your air.

It cannot be explained or dissected.

It just is.

It does




Aimless and reckless.

A butterfly tottering into the arms of a hurricane.

Beating paper wings against walls of wind and rock

Orange dust scattered across concrete,

Rendering itself useless through stubborn insistence that,

There’s something about you…

Given no instructions and taking no advice,

It flutters into the burning embers of you,

Happily meeting the char of death.

Stupid Love.


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