Occasionally on The Beautiful Stuff, I will accept submissions to be featured on the blog.
I will accept flash fiction and excerpts from your short stories, novellas, and novels if you are looking to drum up some interest for your work or build a platform. I am more than happy to help get the word out, but here are some rules:
No gratuitous, over-explicit violence or sexual content. I don’t judge how dark and twisted you are, but my mom reads this blog for cryin’ out loud, so if it isn’t a vital part of the story and is merely there to cause some pearl-clutching, think of submitting elsewhere.
That being said, I enjoy some gritty work and the honesty that comes with it. I’m not opposed to colorful language. So if it moves the story, or exists because there isn’t any other way to write it, then send it and I’ll see how I can feature it.
I will not publish, nor do I want to read, any work that glorifies hate or violence against any group of people. Our country has a freedom to speak our minds, but you don’t get to put your hate-filled rhetoric on my page. Sell crazy someplace else.
Poems may not exceed 80 lines. Prose may not exceed 1000 words. Submissions must be previously unpublished (unless it was on author’s own website), and must be the original work of the author. Please send all submissions to sereichert@comcast.net, or via The Beautiful Stuff website:  (https://thebeautifulstuff.blog/contact/) with a subject line starting with “Submission ” and include the format, word count, and your name.
Please put your submission in the body of the e-mail and not in a separate attachment along with the title, your name, and a short bio. You may submit as many times as you would like, but please no repeated work. There is no fee for submitting.

Every submission will be read and, if selected, the author will be notified of the date of their piece’s publication on The Beautiful Stuff. Promotional links will be provided to make it easier to spread the word about your feature.

You may email me or message me via Facebook (S.E. Reichert: Author FB Page ) with any questions or concerns you have about the contest rules and submissions.

That’s the long and the short of it. So send me something good. Give me guts and heart, all the dark and light of your thoughts. I look forward to reading your work and giving you a chance to share it with others!


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