The Beautiful Stuff

What do we do with the time we are given?

How do we choose our direction?

How do we find our voice, and once we have it, how do we use it?

Welcome to The Beautiful Stuff. This blog is a loving mish-mash of all the things in life that challenge us, knock us down, pick us up, and move us along this crazy, mortal coil. The Sweet Stuff. The Messy Stuff. The Stuff that makes us divinely human.

I am a writer, an author, and a student of human nature. This blog seeks to answer introspective questions and provide inspiration for the creativity in your life. Most of these blogs will center around writing, but I hope that the ideas and methods I discuss here can be applied to various facets of your life.

I don’t fancy myself an expert in any particular arena of life. Rather, I’m a hodge-podge of Earthly existence. I’m not the wisest person I know, I’m certainly not the most experienced, but I’m a hand in the darkness and an understanding kindred to those tripping along their own journey.

My hope is that for a couple of times a month I can help you push past obstacles in your creative life and provide inspiration to continue on, to build a life full of the beautiful stuff.

With each post, I hope to share personal revelations as well as exercises in creativity to keep your writing/art flowing, and to improve your mental well-being. We all can use a perspective shift once in awhile, and my hope is that combining creativity with positive, compassionate living, we can move the world.


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