VerseDay 10-4-18

Easy Love

Angry, razor-winged butterflies slice

In panicked arcs round my tender insides

This is no beautiful love

It is night sweat terror

And loss of blood in bathroom stalls

It’s the parallel tracks

Running against the grain of skin.

This is no patient love.

Second guesses and words unretractable.

Sharpened blades offer short-lived respite

and claim permanent real estate on my body

A place I can trace over when I miss you

This is no kind love

How did they cross my lips?

Treacherous words. Frantic and transparent waves slipping through anonymity.

As if I misplaced the filter; careful years in the making, and

Gave you the warm blood of my heart, without request.

This is no courageous love.

Food on my tongue feels

Like an affair.

When only your attention satiates.

Only your words complete.

Dying inside from misplaced memories and impetuous revelations.

This is no easy love.


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